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Am Segula is a new Sephardi youth organisation that was created to inspire our youth to follow the way of derech eretz and Torah. The organisation is aimed at teenage boys and girls as well as a younger division for ages 11 and below. We aim to raise the level of enjoyment derived from Torah observance, in a manner that young people can relate to. Our events include a weekly club as well as outings, shiurim, camps and shabbatons.

It is stated in Mesilat Yesharim that Hashem put us on this earth to enjoy ourselves through His Torah. It is for this reason that we strongly believe in praying, learning and partying in the name of Heaven! We believe that every Jew can achieve great things in this world if they open themselves to the Torah in their own way, with our unique programs and style of youth work we aim to inform all our participants just how great the soul of a Jew truly is.

Our organisation aims to build Sephardi, as well as all round Jewish identity. We will strive to develop a sense of pride with regard to our heritage. When it comes to Jewish practices, we follow Baghdadi traditions, however our programs are open to all.

Our heritage is rich and great – the Iraqi Jews have a long standing connection to the East that can be traced to the destruction of the First Temple. Many of our traditions are ancient and our families have kept them faithfully for hundreds of years. It is vital to respect our past, but also to continue our traditions into the future.

We hope that just as in the past when Baghdad was a Jewish powerhouse attracting Torah scholars from all communities around the world, Am Segula can serve the needs of the entire Jewish community while never changing our holy traditions.

We look forward to welcoming you soon, Insha-lla.

Yosef David
Organisation Director